Thursday, December 7, 2017

Veteran Republican: New Poll A Dumpster Fire For Donald Trump | The 11th...

Gerrymandering podcast - Part one

– FiveThirtyEight

Jeff Denham helps pass NRA-backed 'concealed carry' gun bill

Of course... Denham voted Yes

House passes NRA-backed 'concealed carry' gun bill

 - NBC News

The most alarming climate consequences

The most accurate climate change models predict
 the most alarming consequences, study finds

 - The Washington Post

Alarming new climate threat to CA

Climate scientists see alarming new threat to California

 - LA Times

Mueller... following the money

Robert Mueller Jumps Onto the Trump Money Trail

 | The New Yorker

Tennessee Senate Race now Competitive

Bredesen Makes Tennessee 
Senate Race Competitive

Lt governor expected to replace Franken

Female lieutenant governor expected to replace Franken if he resigns


How tax breaks help the rich

Only one of our two great parties has any integrity

Franken’s resignation shows that 
only one of our two great parties has any integrity

 - The Washington Post

Dems look to have our Senate work cut out for us in 2018

Interesting expert info on the Senate races... take a look and... Share

Senate Ratings 

| Inside Elections

Franken’s Seat Likely for Dems

Ratings Change: 
Franken’s Minnesota Seat Starts as Likely for Democrats

 | News & Analysis | Inside Elections